Eroğlu Holding determines its "Global Human Resources Policy" through its organizational structure, which has a global thinking manner and high public consciousness, dominant in being scientific and quality and giving the human the highest priority.

Our Global Human Resources Policies;

·         The most important resource that will carry our group companies to the future in line with our vision and mission is "HUMAN".

·         We aim to create Global Human Resources Systems necessary to select the correct person to invest on, to create an environment that will maximize his/her efficiency, to increase his/her performance by developing new skills, to support his/her development with proper trainings, to set out his/her career path and to back-up all these resources.

·         Our HR policies pioneer the globalized business world by adding the power of our global employees from different nations to our efforts.

Selection, Assignment Process and Your Applications

·          Our selection and assignment process aims to incorporate the candidates who are the most suitable ones in line with the corporate culture and targets to Eroğlu Holding.

·         Applications flowing through and other sources are reviewed by our HR professionals and shared with the Department Manager. Candidates who have been found suitable by our directors are contacted according to our "Competence Based Employment Process".

·         During selection and assignment process, interview process is organized according to the attributes of the vacant position and "Evaluation Center" studies are performed in line with the requirements of the position. Utilizing some simulation tools, acts and behaviors of the candidates in professional life are observed within the frames of our competence.

·         Reference query is performed for the candidates who have been found suitable following the competence based evaluations.

·        Finally an employment offer is made to the candidates who have completed all the processes positively.

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Training and Development Process

·         Several training and development programs are performed within Eroğlu Holding for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of our employees, adapting the changes and educating the managerial staff of the future in line with the targets of our companies.

·         Improving the competence of our human resource, which is the most significant source to invest on, will be the most supportive power in realizing our targets in line with our vision and mission.

Performance Management Process

·         Performance management is applied for the purpose of objectively scaling and assessing the performances of the employees in line with a certain model, and determining the areas to improve these performances.

·        HR activities are important in terms of determining employee-specific career programs by setting out improvement targets supporting the career path of the employee in line with the constant application of performance evaluation and feedbacks of the directors.

·         Competences and professional skills of the employees are objectively evaluated within "Performance Evaluation" system and the points open for improvement are supported by proper trainings.

Career Planning Process

·         Planning the assignment of the high-potential employees who have adapted the main aspects of the vision, mission and values of our Holding in senior positions is one of our most important tasks.

·         Prerequisites for an employee for stepping up a senior position are; position to be stepped up should be vacant, employee should have the behavioral and functional competence necessary for the position and the employee should show high performance.

Salary Management Process

Eroğlu Holding salary system has been created by taking the results of the job evaluation process and the current market data into consideration. In determining the salary system, we consider that the salaries are fair, competitive, performance-awarding and suitable with the common salary levels within the country.