Following a 29 year ambitious and passionate works, each of our companies has become an international corporate in terms of operational efficiency and brand awareness. Creating a powerful synergy by bringing our companies under the same roof to be more successful on international platform is essential under the current global competitive conditions.

With this regard and with the instructions of our CEO Mr. Nurettin Eroğlu, Eroğlu Holding, which was established in 2006, was reconstructed in a more powerful way with a new mission in 2011.


To create a human-oriented association and synergy within the group companies by supporting all the companies in establishment, management, inspection and backing-up, and to create pace setter brands and "sustainable happiness" in all locations where our companies operate.


To be an international information and management center, which is sensitive to humanitarian values and which has the most favorite brands in respective sectors.


  • Respect for People
  • Contribution to Society / Social Responsibility
  • Constant Development
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Courage / Entrepreneurship
  • Result Oriented
  • Determination / Corporate Citizenship
  • Cosmopolitanity
  • Reliability


The most emphasized issue during our conglomeration process was the determination of the mission and vision. With this regard, our CEO Nurettin Eroğlu's expressions that our holding should have been a guide to our group companies have set out the main frame of out mission. Primary mission of our holding would be to guide all companies within the Group. Our holding, with its guidance mission, will be active during the establishment processes of the group companies at the first hand. Road maps of the newly established companies will be set out with the written managerial documents, which have been created as a result of our 29 year struggle in trade and the rapid / hassle free establishment of the companies will be completed.


Direction is another prominent issue in our holding companies' mission. In a manner, worthily to a guide, directing the companies to the correct path with the existing experiences will be a value to be constantly offered to our group companies. Professionals employed within the Holding will give their best efforts to constantly facilitate the works and create new values.

One of the most significant parts of our direction mission is the corporate communication. Our Corporate Communication department has been established for the purpose of carrying out the activities necessary to make Eroğlu Holding a globally known holding, and to represent it in the most possible way before our employees, customers, investors and common public with its values, vision and mission. Our Corporate Communication department, which has started to work with activities such as creation of corporate identity of Eroğlu Holding, restructuring of the group companies in a manner suitable with this identity, preparation of holding representation movie, website and corporate communication publications, is aimed to realize innovations for Eroğlu Holding and all our companies in communication field.

Inspection and Back-up

Two other important aspects of our Holding mission are inspection and backing-up. These are highly significant in terms of the sustainability of our company. For the purpose of this mission, industrial-based specialization method has been selected for the inspection of the holding and the Inspection Department has been given a role of installing the IT systems inspection platform.

Efficient Use of Human Resource

Functional and behavioral acts of all employees have been started to be recorded with Career Planning and Back-up System used by our Human Resources Department. Thanks to the "Competence Based Career Planning and Back-up System" our worldwide staff assignment will be centrally controlled and internal assignments will be made easily. That's the employees bringing the companies into existence. With this in our mind, we aim to create a human-oriented association and synergy within the group companies by means of mission related activities. We respect the environment we live in and we consider every step we take in order to leave the next generations a better and cleaner world. We strive for creating sustainable happiness for the mankind in addition to create brands. As Eroğlu Holding, we set of with the vision of being an international know-how and management center with our brand oriented self-expression manner as well as our expressions and actions sensitive to humanitarian values. We will succeed this together.